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Delivery Mechanisms

Here are some of our favorite ways to enjoy Empty Bowl Queso!

The Soft Pretzel:  My Personal Favorite!

Individual Size:

Photo by Jamie Murdock

 My Size: Yes I made those pretzels in my kitchen.  

Low Carb Options:

No-Carb Pepperoni Chips:

Put a double paper towel on a plate throw some pepperonis on there and microwave them.  My microwave takes 3 minutes.  No-Carb and they do the trick. 

See the source imageImage result for broccoli

The EBQ Scramble:

Just mix some EBQ into your scrambled eggs and throw whatever else you want in there. 

Finally the Usual...

The Classic Tortilla Chip:

Image result for tortilla chip

Other Chip Type Options:

Image result for pretzel crisps  Image result for fritos chips