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 Empty Bowl Queso is a fresh product requiring refrigeration.  It has a 16 week refrigerated shelf life from the date of production and can be frozen indefinitely which stops the shelf life clock.  Unless very cold most orders will require overnight or second day shipping. 

Attention PHOENIX!  We have a local EBQ representative on the ground that will arrange a meet-up or delivery.  Orders for Phoenix area can be placed here:  Phoenix – EmptyBowlQueso

Classic:  The original recipe that delivers the prefect amount of heat and flavor

Mild:  Classic recipe with 50% less Hatch Green Chile that delivers great flavor with very little heat

Hot:  Classic recipe with 50% more Hatch Green Chile that delivers great flavor with more heat

XHot:  Classic recipe with 100% more Hatch Green Chile delivering a more intense and sustained heat

Please direct any questions about shipping to:  jeff@emptybowlqueso.com