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Empty Bowl Queso is made with real Wisconsin cheese and certified Hatch NM green chile which makes it fresh requiring refrigeration.  It has a 12-month refrigerated shelf life from the date of production and can be frozen which stops the shelf-life clock. EBQ can be consumed warm or cold and in addition to dipping, it can be enjoyed as a sauce with eggs, veggies, meats, and pasta as well as a condiment on burgers, dogs, bbq, etc...  

The current maximum order quantity is 4 quarts (8lbs) which makes shipping free.  Quantities less than 4 require an additional shipping fee due to the fixed cost of packaging and fulfillment. (1-$25, 2-$15, 3-$8)

Classic:  The original recipe that delivers the prefect amount of heat and flavor

Mild:  Classic recipe with 50% less Hatch Green Chile that delivers great flavor with very little heat

Hot:  Classic recipe with 50% more Hatch Green Chile that delivers great flavor with more heat

XHot:  Classic recipe with 100% more Hatch Green Chile delivering a more intense and sustained heat

Please direct any questions about shipping to:  jeff@emptybowlqueso.com